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High Performance Coaching with Jackie is about treating the whole person. 

Jackie will meet you where you are and help you develop systems and routines to create long-lasting habits and goals that are challenging, yet realistic for you. Her approach is about implementing small, practical changes that will add up over time to make a big impact on your health, inside and out.

What will it look like for you?

You won’t be restricting foods. You will be adding them in! We will talk about nutrition, digestion, absorption and eating for balanced weight and we will also work on silencing stress, healing trauma & regulating hormones while finding fitness you enjoy and prioritizing soul–care. Feeling good in your body is all about finding a rhythm in your unique life. When you feel less stressed, more rested and less brain fog, everything is more calm, simple and easier.

As your coach, Jackie is your guide on the side, your cheerleader, your accountability partner and your support system.


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How I can support you:

  • Detoxify the body on a cellular level from things like: Parasites, Heavy Metals, Mold/Fungus, Environmental and Emotional Toxins

  • Overcome your current health concerns and symptoms by building a customized, sustainable nutritional approach to what works specifically for you and your lifestyle

  • Determine what is standing in the way of accomplishing your goals (eating unfit foods, food rules, stress/emotional eating, binge/restrict cycle, etc.) and treat the root cause versus a bandaid on the symptoms

  • Establish your health goals and create an actionable plan to achieve them - S.M.A.R.T Goals

  • Eliminate the need to diet or count calories, teaching your body to fuel with healthy fats

  • Reset your sugar cravings, lower glucose levels and shift your mindset by understanding how food initiates healing


3 Month V.I.P. 



Who is this program for?

The 3 Month Health Coaching Program with Jackie is for the person who already knows what a healthy lifestyle looks like. You eat clean (for the most part) and exercise regularly but you’re looking to improve your overall health and make it more sustainable.

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6 Month Intensive



Who is this program for?

The 6 Month Health Coaching Program with Jackie is for the person who is confused by all the conflicting health information out there or who has tried tackling each symptom on their own without success. True transformation is possible. Your ideal YOU is possible. But, eliminating symptoms, understanding nutrition that works for them and increasing energy levels naturally—in the right and sustainable way—takes both time and support. Let’s lock arms and make one simple change at a time.

Yes, this is me!!


Why work with a Health Coach?


Together we will:

  • Detoxify the body and prepare it for optimized nutrition
  • Test and decipher your body’s unique needs 
  • Create your customized bio-individual blueprint and individual meal plan
  • Prepare and support your mind and body together working towards sustainable lifestyle change


Is this you?


  • Tired of the prescriptions and medication approach?
  •  Emotionally drained from stress, conflict or toxic relationships and environments?
  •  Fed up with symptoms and no real answers?
  •  Want to get to the root cause?
  •  Ready to accomplish your goals in a way that’s sustainable and fun?
  • You don't feel heard or listened to?
  • You have tried everything and nothing seems to work?

 You’re in luck!  


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Yes! I'm READY to find the ROOT CAUSE!

Get To Know Me

I am a mom of 5 on a mission for Hope, Healing and Harmony in the SPIRIT, MIND and BODY. I have been coaching clients in whole body wellness 1:1 for 14 years using a simple root cause approach...We tackle things like hormones, sleep & stress, trauma, gut health and personalized fitness. I am Certified in Integrative Holistic Nutrition from Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Certified Plant Based Nutrition from ECornell Institute, Certified Herbalist and Certified NLP Practitioner and Life Coach.



1:1 One Hour Nutrition Consult

1:1 Holistic Health Coaching

Group Coaching

3 Month Program

6 Month Program

Full Cellular Detox

Epigenetics Hair Follicle Testing

Pantry Makeover

Holistic Spaces and Design

Private Speaking Engagements


Products I Love

The most valuable addition to our lives is what we consume in our homes, body's and minds. The quality and purity of our choices results in the harmony and synergy of our healing. 


Client Transformations



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What a wealth of great information and positive, impactful support! I can't believe I waited so long to take that leap!



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You made it seem so easy and enjoyable, losing weight was actually fun and fulfilling....thank you, thank you, thank you!



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I achieved a new life in health and at age 56 I feel like life has just begun. Who knew good health could be this simple. It's as if I've reversed time!

  • I know my worth and I am proud of it, I love myself and I matter!

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